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Children as young as elementary school are experimenting with substances. It's time to say no to drugs and alcohol, & yes to happiness. Prevention is key! 

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"I walked into the Atlanta Falcons head Coach's office and quit the NFL to become a full-time drug addict"

From nfl to prison: ricky's story of addiction to redemption

Ricky C. Simmons is blessed with the ability to reach all age groups about the dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. He gives a riveting presentation of his compelling story. He talks candidly and openly about his struggles with substance abuse. He throws himself under the bus, to educate about the dangers of substance abuse and re-entry into society after hitting bottom, in his case, prison.

Ricky speaks at middle and high schools, churches, group homes, youth organizations, treatment facilities, and throughout the criminal justice system.  He has received some fantastic Reviews and Media attention. Ricky's goal is to speak at every school in America and focus on substance abuse prevention. Waiting until the problem exists is working backwards.

Ricky was raised by well educated, loving parents, never needing for anything. In 1979, Ricky signed a full ride scholarship to play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. After the 1984 Orange Bowl, Ricky was drafted into the USFL to play for the Washington Federals. The following year, he joined the Orlando Renegades. Ricky was drafted into the NFL in 1986 to play for the Atlanta Falcons. During the first season playing with the Atlanta, Falcons, he quit the NFL to become a full time drug addict, which led him from the NFL to prison. Ricky's story is one of courage and hope. During his last stay in prison Ricky received a letter from Coach Tom Osborne. 

"I know your parents believed in you, I believe in you, so upon your release, if there is anything I can do to help you, feel free to contact me."~ Tom Osborne

Right after he finished reading that letter, he fell to his knees, right there in his prison cell and turned his life over to Christ. Ricky's thinking changed that very instant. He was still in prison, but the anger was gone and he knew God had forgiven him. "Another Day in Paradise" was born. The next day, he got a notebook and a pen and wrote down 3 suggestions that he still lives by today, some 5 years later:


     1. PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

     2. Get a Plan: Your Passion

     3. Haters: Motivators

He has since found recovery is possible and celebrates his recovery as a changed and more knowledgeable man.  Ricky Simmons has a PLADC and is an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Lincoln, NE and continues to serve as a motivational speaker spreading hope in recovery.